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Here are the best foreclosure deals in Fort Wayne, Indiana as of Wednesday February 5, 2014 (2/5/2014). Even though the real estate market is making a comeback, there is still a huge inventory of foreclosed properties at cheap prices available in the Fort Wayne area.

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Real Estate Market Report for Fort Wayne on Wednesday February 5, 2014 (2/5/2014)

The latest real estate market trends show the median list price for properties in Fort Wayne, Allen County is $99,999, with an increase of 0.50% compared to last year. The Fort Wayne housing market also saw a decline of -2.54% in the average price of a property compared to last month.

The overall intentory of properties has remain steady at 2,989 units for the current month, which represents a decline of 98 units or -3.27% compared to the previous month. Over the last year, the Fort Wayne market has seen a decrease of -1.61% in the number of overall available units.

The latest numbers show that the average property will remain in the market an average of 85 days. This is compared to 94 days a year ago.



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Looking to rent an apartment, house, studio, or condo? Below you will find the largest inventory of rent-to-own properties in the Fort Wayne area. Rent prices in Indiana are going up and renting a property for later ownership can prove to be one of the best invesments a person can make.

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Who should take avantage of renting to own a home? Anyone that has no credit or are rebuilding their credit can take this opportunity of potential home ownership. As the real estate market in Indiana increases again, you should take advantage of the many properties listed for rent that also offer the option of owning in the future.


The Fort Wayne market has some of the best deals in Indiana. If you are looking for an alternative real estate investment, below you will find some of the best options around:

HUD Homes for purchase: HUD houses offer some of the best investment opportunities. These are government owned homes that sell between 20-40% below market value. Here you will find more information on thebest HUD deals in Fort Wayne.

Tax Liens: Tax liens offer the opportunity to receive a steady flow of monthly income. Tax liens are a hidden gem for investors. Learn more about investing in this very profitable instrument by following this link: Tax Lien deals in Fort Wayne.

Sheriff Sales: Are you in the market for cheap and affordable investment properties? Sheriff sales offers you some of the best deals in the Fort Wayne area. These local deals are offered usually once a month. Click here to learn more about list of Sheriff sales in Allen County.

Frequently ask questions about the foreclosure market in Fort Wayne, Indiana for Wednesday February 5, 2014 (2/5/2014).

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What are bank owned or REO properties?
Answer: These are properties owned by a lender (typically a bank, government agency, or government loan insurer) that were not sold at a foreclosure auction.

What is a foreclosure?
Answer: a foreclosure is the process by which a homeowner’s legal rights to a property are lost because of the failure to pay the debt on the mortgage. If the owner cannot pay off the outstanding debt or sell it via short sale, the property is then sent to a foreclosure auction. If the property is not sold at auction, it becomes the property of the lender.

What is a HUD Home?
Answer: A HUD home is usually a residential property with 1 to 4 units that has been obtain by HUD (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development) as the result of a foreclosure on an FHA mortgage.

What is a tax lien?
Answer: It is a type of lien placed against a title or property when the owner fails to pay either state or federal taxes.

What is a Sheriff sale?
Answer: Sheriff sales are properties held by a county sheriff and are posted for sale usually once a month. These properties are usually cheap foreclosures and other distressed real estate for sale at drastically reduced prices.

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